UK PET Trials

Clinical trials are conducted to evaluate new drugs and devices and allow safety and efficacy data to be collected. In the UK the number of trials that involve PET scans is increasing, as the pharmaceutical industry adapts the drug development process and clinicians investigate potential roles for PET to provide improvements in oncology healthcare. Consequently, there is a need for a searchable database of UK PET trials to identify research gaps, avoid duplication of studies that have already been performed and provide a central information resource.

The PRN has produced this PET trials database (updated September 2011) with the help of the UK PET centres and funding bodies. It is possible to sort the information in the database using the filters in the column headings, allowing the user to focus on specific studies in more detail. For example, to identify phase III trials, go to the column heading 'Phase', click on the arrow and select 'III' in the search box below the arrow. This will produce a list of all the phase III trials in the database. Please note, however, that the database has to be reset to its original version before starting any new searches. Additional information on most trials can be obtained by clicking on the trial title in the database.

A guidance document has been created to help researchers perform their own focussed literature searches.