Site Accreditation

This section of the website provides information on the minimum requirements for a PET-CT centre to become accredited by the UK PET Core Lab. A list of multicentre trials using the Core Lab to perform site accreditation of the PET centres can be found here. To find out if a PET centre is accredited for a specific trial, please contact us.

Site accreditation is on a per trial basis and the UK PET Core Lab reviews the trial protocol during the set up phase to determine the specific requirements for QA. Different levels of standardisation are required for more complex studies such as those involving dynamic imaging, non-FDG tracers or radiotherapy planning. Therefore each PET scanning site will require written approval from the Core Lab before scanning patients for a specific trial.

Researchers should contact us at the earliest possible opportunity during the grant application process to discuss the site accreditation requirements for their trial. Funding for the Core Lab function should be applied for on a per trial basis. Please complete the Request for QA form and send to us to obtain costs for your trial.