NCRI PET Research Network

Summary of the NCRI PET Research Initiative, 2008-2012

NCRI Logo Between 2005 and 2007, a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Strategic Planning Group was convened by the NCRI to review the opportunities and needs for PET scanning research in cancer, and a final report was published in 2007. Amongst other findings from the group, it was determined that a co-ordination function was needed to provide national leadership and act as a focal point to facilitate research.

The NCRI PET Research Initiative was set up in 2008 to stimulate and support the build-up of a UK research programme in PET that is internationally competitive, novel in approach and relevant to the eventual uses of PET in the clinic. It was funded collaboratively by Cancer Research UK, the Medical Research Council, and the four Government health departments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A PET Research Steering Committee was put in place to provide a cross-disciplinary overview of PET research challenges, and to set the broad strategy within which work was taken forward. The first chair was Professor Sir Michael Peckham, succeeded in 2009 by Professor Robert Souhami.

The NCRI PET Research Network

The decision was made to split the tasks across three workstreams based at different centres to provide a balance of expertise. These three centres were collectively known as the PET Research Network (PRN).

Each centre had a PET Research Network Lead, appointed on a part-time basis, supported by a further part time post.

Structure of the NCRI PRN

Workstream 2 also received support from Dr Wai Lup Wong, the Department of Health Clinical Guardian for PET-CT, from 2010 onwards. The network coordinator role was fulfiled by Dr Sabine Regel with the purpose of uniting activities across the three workstreams, providing scientific and administrative support to the workstream leads, and managing the steering committee meetings. Additional project support and guidance was also provided by the NCRI Secretariat.

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