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Publication of IPEM Report 108: The Quality Assurance of PET and PET/CT Systems

IPEM Report This report covers guidance on performance measurements of PET/CT systems. It is intended to be read by scientific staff involved in commissioning, setting up quality assurance programs and providing support for clinical PET/CT services and clinical research.

Report 108 will be a valuable reference for scientists supporting PET services. Please click here for more information.

Threshold Pharmaceuticals Acquires [18F]HX4 from Siemens Healthcare

In March 2013, Threshold announced the acquisition of [18F]HX4 from Siemens Healthcare. Threshold initially intends to develop [18F]HX4 to determine a patient's tumor hypoxia profile, which may identify patients who will best respond to Threshold's hypoxia-targeted therapeutics.

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