Early Phase Research

ECMC Network Imaging Group

Workstream 3 led by Fiona Gilbert has been working with the ECMC Imaging Steering Committee to ensure collaboration between both Initiatives. The ECMC Network Imaging Group aims to share imaging experience and expertise across the ECMC Network, to publish guidelines and minimum reporting requirements and to encourage the coordination and standardisation of imaging in early phase multicentre trials. For more information on the ECMC Imaging Group click here.

PRN Radiotracer Workshop, London, 1st February 2010

Over the past few years a range of non-FDG radiotracers have been developed. Many of these have been evaluated in small research studies and could be useful as diagnostic agents and/ or to facilitate the development of cancer therapeutics. Gaining access to these experimental radiotracers was identified as a key issue at the PET early phase meeting in July 2009. Some of these tracers are already produced by a few well-established academic PET centres and/ or commercial companies in the UK. However, a number of barriers have been identified that slow down, limit or prohibit potential suppliers from making these tracers widely available throughout the UK1.

The NCRI PET Research Network organised a workshop entitled "How to increase radiotracer availability for research in the UK" at Cancer Research UK offices in London. The aim of this workshop was to discuss and evaluate different models and ascertain whether they could increase the range of radiotracers available in the UK and their geographical availability. A report has been produced to summarise the output from the meeting.

PRN Early Phase Workshop, London, 21st July 2009

The NCRI PET Research Network organised a meeting on early phase PET research in the UK at the Wellcome Trust in London. The objective was to stimulate early phase PET research by identifying and promoting development of novel radiotracers, supporting drug development and foster academic/industrial partnerships. The morning session was devoted to the identification of the current status of early phase PET research, needs and aspirations of the PET community, and research priorities for academia and pharmaceutical companies. Three afternoon breakout sessions were scheduled to discuss a prioritised list of research requirements for the UK and develop consensus of prioritised research.

A report has been produced to summarise the outcome from the PET workshop and the results of surveys of ECMC centres and UK commercial tracer suppliers. The report focuses on early phase PET research and attempts to build a consensus from the research community on the priorities for action.