Data Transfer

The preferred method for transfer of imaging data from PET Centres participating in NCRI associated multicentre trials is via electronic transfer. All image data must be transferred in DICOM format to the NCRI PET Core Lab.

PET Centres submitting data as part of the trials should ensure the data is anonymised and in DICOM Part 10 format. The submitted images must include the attenuation corrected PET, non-attenuation corrected PET and the CT. Please refer to the specific Trial Protocol for more detailed information.

The recommended method for electronic data transfer from NHS PET Centres is via the NHS Secure File Transfer Service. All other sites with appropriate internet access should use the NCRI Core Lab SFTP server. Further details and instructions can be provided upon request.

Data submitted on DICOM CD should be sent to the Core Lab Physicist:

PET Imaging Centre
First Floor
Lambeth Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
London SE1 7EH

Data collation for these multicentre trials is provided by the NCRI PET Core Lab and any technical questions relating to this should be directed to or +44 (0)20 7188 1489.

Any queries relating to the trials should be directed to the appropriate trial co-ordinator at the Clinical Trials Unit (for more details please click here).