Forum to Link Academia and Industry


Linking academia and industry is important in the PET field, as cross-sector engagement encourages sharing of expertise, skills, equipment and radiotracers. Collaboration between industry and academia is a fundamental part of a vibrant research community, and important for addressing new healthcare challenges. The NCRI PET Research Network has undertaken a number of activities to encourage cross-sector engagement and foster a cooperative research environment, including the early phase workshop, the radiotracer workshop (editorial), and a workshop to build PET research collaborations (editorial).

Specific proposals for academia/industry collaboration have been supported by regular discussions between the PRN and individual companies. This forum has been set up by the PRN to highlight specific opportunities that will be of interest to academia and industry and could help to bring stakeholders together. Topics of interest may include specific funding calls only open to academia/industry consortia and PET workshops that could help to strengthen ties between academia and industry.

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