About Us

In 2008 the UK PET Research Network formally established the NCRI PET Clinical Trials Network which currently consists of 33 PET sites that have all been accredited and adhere to the same standards. A central 'Core Lab' based at St Thomas' provides a service that delivers independent quality control (QC) and site accreditation for PET centres participating in multicentre cancer trials, central management of image data and assessment of all acquired images to verify adherence to the trial protocol and assess image quality.

The NCRI PET Core Lab has managed the data collation and PET image QC for 22 multicentre cancer trials utilising PET since its inception in 2008 and continues to expand.

Both the NCRI PET Trials Network and Core Lab have received a further three years of funding from NCRI Partners (CR-UK, DH, MRC, Wales and Scotland) for 2012-2015, during which time they are moving towards a model where costs are covered by individual research grants.

The NCRI PET Core Lab is funded by the following NCRI partners:

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